Keddy (Ranch) kitties

December 5, 2011

Deon and I recently had the opportunity to visit artist Susan Church at the Keddy Ranch north of Elko.  It was quite a treat to see some of her metal sculptures and take pictures of the cats that call the Keddy home.


This is Ruby with our kitten Rusty who is now four years old. Ruby always liked cats and kittens and when we fostered litters of kittens for the local shelter or feral cat organization, Ruby would do her part to help raise them and get accustomed to dogs.  She did such a great job with Rusty, we sometimes think Rusty thinks he’s a dog!

Ruby passed this morning at 8:40 PDT with the ever-loving care and compassion of Dr. Darla Baumann.  We adopted her in January 2001 (the shelter hid her to protect her from her imminent demise) and the local vet seemed to think she was about five.  She suffered short-term paralysis when she jumped off a snow bank five years ago and lived with diabetes insipidus for the last 3 1/2 years.  Most dogs live about six months past diagnosis.  Ruby was a stubborn dog and was not going to follow any rules!

She enjoyed a full life with us.  We assumed she was trained as a mushing dog as she knew the commands as she pulled Deon on his bike–usually 20 miles a day or so.  Just within the last few years, the mushing harness came off and she became an avid hiker.  She’s hiked the Ruby Mountains, Mt. Adams, Columbia River Gorge and most places in between.  She was a truly great companion and we will miss her dearly.

Here are a few more pictures of her:

Ruby on the Success Loop in the Schell Creek Range in NE Nevada

Deon and Ruby at Washoe Lake State Park, Nevada

Trish & Ruby on a local hike just after a fresh snowfall

Ruby at Goblin Valley State Park, Utah--one of her last major trips with us

Ruby loved the snow!

Ruby will be laid to rest at the Baumann Ranch in Diamond Valley where she’ll be with cows and horses (she always loved big farm animals).  Rest in Peace.  We love you.

Another Eureka cat

August 6, 2011

It’s amazing where cats can put themselves…this cat actually sleeps on this collapsed porch roof ledge.  He must feel safe from predators as there are a variety in Eureka including bob cats, mountain lions, coyotes and other feral cats.




I love how kittens think they are hiding!  This kitten was so curious of me, but I didn’t try to coax him out…









Freaked out kitty

June 18, 2011

We were walking our dog, Ruby the other day.  She’s a Siberian Husky who has raised many kittens and therefore doesn’t pay them much attention.  However, she seemed to get this cat a bit riled up.  No blood was shed in the making of this picture.



More winter kitties

January 21, 2011

You’ve seen these kitties in previous posts as I’ve photographed them since I found them as kittens.  I find it amazing they can survive our harsh winters.  So far, we’ve had temperatures down to -20 and they are doing quite well.  It must be their nice thick coats or their innate ability to find safe, warm places….

I’ve been a bit tardy with posts….Winter is in full swing in Eureka and feral kitties are challenged to find shelter and food.  At least this one has good shelter!